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10 days into February, and you’re already questioning your productivity in 2016 so far? Well, we’ve all been there at one point or another, so don’t beat yourself up. Instead – take action. There are 3 simple habits that can work miracles for your work efficiency if you introduce them into your life. No kidding.


Planning your work and is crucial to help you stay on time and track of your things. Whether you decide on a good old calendar, a to-do-list or a fun new app – make sure you think your week, or month through, and arrange all the important tasks and dates. Heaving a clear schedule at your fingertips helps eliminate distractions and those “Oh, I totally forgot about it!” moments.  Tasks planned become goals, set in specific time and place, and therefore – easier to complete.


Keeping track of your work may seem tedious and unnecessary at first. You probably think: “hey, I’m doing the job myself, so I’ll remember what, when and for how long I was doing stuff”.  The truth is – no, you won’t. With so many projects going around it would take some kind of a superpower to remember everything in detail. Tracking your work daily provides you with valuable information about how much time you actually spent on each task. Put the haunting question “Where did all my time go?” to bed.


If you ever wanted to improve your productivity, remember: you can only change what you can measure. That’s where all the tracking comes in handy. Once you already have the record of your past performance – take some time to analyze it. Confront your plans with the real outcome, find room for adjustments.  You might find that some projects need more time than others or than initially scheduled. Take those conclusions into consideration when you’re planning your next month, and who knows – maybe you’ll even find time to squeeze in a little me-time for some fun activities.

That. Is. It. 3 habits to help you boost your productivity. Simple, yet powerful, and most importantly: easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Now, go plan, track and analyze – you’ll thank us later! 😉




PR & Marketing Specialist at Timble, cookie monster and currently on a mission to make the world a more productive place.

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