7 Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Mornings

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I can rise and shine, but not at the same time. If you know the feeling you’re one of us, people who struggle with their mornings. You may be a typical night owl who is buzzing with life in the evening and finds it hard to face the sunshine. There is also a possibility that you wake up early every morning, but just because you’re awake doesn’t mean you’re ready to do things. You feel that you don’t get the most of your mornings and that they don’t give you the energy and motivation you need. Especially during gloomy, dark days of Autumn and Winter. Let’s start our morning person challenge together! 🙂

Here’s your Good Morning starter pack:


The night before

To begin a good & productive morning, as always with managing your time – you need a good plan.

Spending a few minutes the night before to get prepared for the next day can save you even an hour in the morning. Before going to bed, pick out your outfit and make a quick to-do list with up to four, most important things to get done the next day.


Not only will these actions save you time, but they can make the morning less stressful and crazy. Mad morning runs around the apartment – no more.

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Bedtime story

Early risers don’t think about getting up—they just do it. And that’s the greatest secret of awesome mornings – revealed. ‘Habit’ is a key word when it comes to waking up early.

To help establish this new habit, you have to create a night schedule. Make a step-by-step plan, starting with turning off all technology (to avoid melatonin-suppressing blue light) and preparing for bed.


9:00 p.m.: Start getting ready for bed.

·         Switch off technology

·         Prepare clothes for the next day

·         Take a shower etc

10 p.m.: Get in bed.

10-10:30 p.m.: Read

10:30 p.m.: Turn off the lights (and don’t let the bed bugs bite)

6:30 a.m.: Rise and shine!

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You snooze, you lose

Hitting snooze button to get more sleep actually has the opposite effect: it makes you drowsy and moody as it’s interrupting your body’s natural sleep cycles. Also, when you begin the day with such negative act of rejection, your body and mind create a defensive attitude towards the world. Instead, you should be brave, stand up and shape your environment. Because you can!

Try choosing a pleasant alarm noise instead of a traumatic one, even if it’s good at waking you up, a deep hate in your soul is not worth it. Hating mornings is really not what you are going for. Additionally, it’s very effective to put your alarm far away from your bed. For example in another room. This way you have no choice, but to get up and you are more likely to actually stay up.


Wake me up for breakfast

Start with protein instead of dairy. Food is your body’s fuel, and protein might be a better choice than common cereal. Try having a protein-rich meal, like eggs instead. Your body will work harder to digest it making sleep less likely, and it will provide you with the energy you need. But if you love your Frosted Flakes or Cocoa Puffs – it’s ok. The most important thing is not to skip breakfast!

If you have a lot on your mind in the morning, there is also a to-go breakfast version. Smoothies! If you want to go quick and easy, blend some fruit(s) that you have at home like bananas, apples, or strawberries with milk, coconut water, green tea or juice. It’s cheap, easy and energizing. And if you pour your smoothie into a bottle it’s also perfectly portable and manageable to drink in a car, bus or on a subway.

Everything for a yummy morning!

mornings productivity

Caffeine – how to

Caffeine can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you have ever had a caffeine withdrawal headache, you know what I mean.

Take our advice and coffee it right:

·         Drink coffee or tea over a longer period of time. This will help to sustain your energy levels

·         Drink water first. Hydrating your body can increase your energy and actually replace coffee

·         Don’t drink coffee on a daily basis. Use caffeine only when you need it, this way it will be more effective

·         Don’t grab a second cup of coffee or tea. Give the caffeine time to start working, you may not really need a refill

·         Eat before your coffee! Consuming caffeine on an empty stomach can be a really bad idea. Caffeine stimulates hydrochloric acid production so drinking it before eating anything can cause problems with digestion.

Blablabla. Go workout!

No more excuses. Exercise gives you energy. You often have a false impression that, when you are tired, you need more sleep. This may not be the issue. To increase your energy levels you have to exercise too.

You don’t need much workout. A mere 15 minutes after breakfast will do the job. You can try this quick morning workout from Shape Magazine or find one that fits your needs best on the Internet. There are plenty of them, believe me.

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Joyful time

Many people enjoy mornings because that’s the best moment to find some time just for yourself. I strongly encourage you to find something you love and start doing it in the morning. You can read a book, solve a crossword puzzle or dance (exercise and fun!).

This is also a good way of making dull activities – fun. While you’re making breakfast or brushing your teeth you can listen to an audiobook, or you can watch a short video while brushing your hair. Making everyday things enjoyable can really help you to rock mornings. And it creates positive vibes that charge you for the rest of the day!


Coming to an end

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing to do is wake up. There are thousands of mornings left. Make them count.


Challenge Accomplished. 🙂


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