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Being productive ain’t a piece of cake. Or maybe it is? Productivity issues are what people struggle with on a daily basis. Thinking about how much has been done, and how much could have been done often kills the motivation to reach next goals. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. We want to give you even more than that. A foolproof recipe for the best productivity cake in the whole wide world. To get the most of your 24 hours.

Let The Great Timble Bake-off begin!







This time, we opt for the ‘naked’ decorating style so the cake isn’t swamped with icing but instead delicately finished with candied time and a pinch of priority.



  • 10 cups of Motivation
  • 24 unsalted Powerful Words
  • 280g of plain Planning
  • 0 Time Thieves
  • 1 big size Fitting
  • 4 tbsp of Time Tracking
  • 2 ½ cups of Distraction Free Environment
  • 3 fresh Brakes

productivity cake

The tools

Make your time management – smarter. Using Timble, a Time Tracking app put things in order and save a big piece of productivity cake just for yourself! Just like a kitchen timer keeps you from burning your cake, time tracking saves your projects from failing. So as long as you’re meticulous about timing, you can’t really go wrong.

Time tracking helps set clear objectives. If you know how you should be investing your time, you’ll increase your productivity. You’ll be more successful at completing one task at a time, rather than having fingers in every pie (we know pies are good but stick to one!). Which leads us to the most important thing about time management and the biggest benefit of time tracking – you give yourself a distraction free environment. In Timble you have all your tasks in once place (no more using multiple project management tools!). This way you can quickly plan work and remain focused on the key objectives of the day. And this, my dear reader, will keep procrastination to a minimum.



Keep Timble app open when baking



Prepare the base

First, make the motivation & powerful word base. Productive individuals think differently. They challenge their thoughts and create a productive line of thinking to lead them through good and bad times. Words can empower you as well as bring you down. Professor Bernard Roth points out a few adjustments that you can make in your speaking habits to boost your performance:

  • instead of “but” use “and” – the first phrase closes the conversation, while the second one opens it
  • in lieu of saying “have to” say “want to” – saying that you have to do something makes your brain think that you’re being forced to do it
  • in place of “can’t” use “won’t” – switching those two can teach you that you have the ability to do much more than you think, you just don’t do it
  • instead of saying “I’m afraid to” say “I’d like to” – you might be afraid of asking your boss for the promotion, it’s much better when you realize you’d like to get one instead
  • rather than “help” use “assist” – sometimes the word help is associated with being helpless. That’s why it’s always nicer to ask or offer assistance. It creates a partnership and cooperation atmosphere
Productivity tip #1 : Instead of having fingers in every pie, stick to one! Click To Tweet

The filling

Make the candied productivity habits by planning your actions. There are three main rules for creating your schedule:

  1. Set SMART goals, and find out How to be a one SMART cookie
  2. Prioritize using Time Management Matrix
  3. Find your own Time Management Method

Figure out what needs to be done now, what needs to be done before the end of the day and what can be completed another day. Then you schedule your work according to your priorities, remember to take your work habits into account. Understanding how you work can help you be more efficient and as a result, increase productivity. So, if your productive time is in the morning use it for the hardest tasks. If you tend to focus better after lunch consider doing the tough later. And finally, don’t forget to write down everything that didn’t get accomplished during the day, and make it a priority for tomorrow. This way you keep such tasks from being forgotten and lost in the light of new day challenges.

Another thing about planning is to identify your time thieves. We all have them. But If you can find and get rid of things or situations that throw you off course or distract you, you will get better results – quicker. Try to find one adjustment, which once implemented – would have the biggest positive influence on your productivity. Then just throw away your thieve, like an old, smelly egg. You don’t want it to ruin the whole cake.


The Topping

To assemble the cake, level the sponges by cutting off the domed tops and cut each sponge in half to create four layers. The last layer, often forgotten, is the need of small pauses. The science of taking breaks at work is changing the way you think about downtime. Sometimes we know there’s a better way to do things, but we think we’re just too busy to look for it—so we keep going. The truth is that brakes keep us from getting bored (unfocused), help us retain information and make connections, and they force us to rethink our goals and priorities. To make most of them, try moving around or exercising a bit, find some brain snack. And if you still have trouble concentrating… Powernap.

The last step is to decorate your productivity cake with all the spare time you just gained.

Bon appétit!



Marketing/Growth Hacking Assistant at Timble, Italian cuisine and bike rides lover. Trying to figure out all the ways to make managing work a piece of cake.

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