Configuring Jira to work with Timble


If you haven’t done it already, open the sidebar in the Timble app and select Setup Jira configuration item in order to display Configure Jira account view.


A form with three fields will appear. Enter your Atlassian’s server URL and then open your favorite web browser.


Login to your company’s Jira using the administrator account and go to the Add-ons>Application Links view using the cog menu placed next to your avatar.


A form allowing you to create a new link will be shown. Fill it with value and hit the Create new link button.


If Jira informs you that no response was received, accept this notification by clicking Continue.


After several seconds (and loader indicator rotation cycles), a Link applications form will pop up. Provide “” in the Application Name field. Make sure that Application Type is set to “Generic Application” and the Create incoming link checkbox is checked. Confirm changes by clicking Continue.


The very last step of Jira configuration is providing application keys. Fill in the three required fields according to the following list:

  • Consumer Key – Consumer key displayed in Timble app’s Jira configuration form,
  • Consumer Name – “”,
  • Public KeyRSA public key displayed in Timble app’s Jira configuration form.

Confirm changes by clicking the Continue button. Configuring Jira is done. Go back to the Timble app and check if it can access your Jira instance by clicking the Check button.


A new tab in your browser will open. Confirm that you authorize Timble to access your Jira by clicking Allow.


After successful authorization, click Synchronize projects button that was previously labeled Check.


Choose Jira projects that you want to keep synchronized with Timble and confirm them by clicking Sync projects.


That’s it! After a few moments (depending on the amount of projects selected for synchronization and issues contained within them) issues will show up onthe list on the left hand side of the app.

Krzysztof Zbiciński

Frontend developer, music lover and street workout enthusiast. Coding great things with the Timble team.

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