Dancing with the Wolves 


As it turns out, not only Kevin Costner is capable of taming a pack of wolves to his best advantage. Team Timble went to Warsaw, 26-27 October, for the 2015 Wolves Summit and did just as well. Granted our fellow wolves were probably a lot more friendly, open to dialogue and cooperation than those film ones, but hey – wolves are wolves.

Networking event manual! The startup manual!

Wolves Summit – as stated on its official website, is the biggest multinational event in Poland devoted to innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s an event where the energy, initiative and ideas of promising startups from the world over meets the knowledge and insights of experienced business experts and entrepreneurs. The result? Perfect environment for all the budding startup companies to bloom and grow.

Timble was selected to take part in the StartUp Day of the conference, which means we had the chance not only to exhibit, but also to pitch our idea in front of  the judges in the Great Pitch contest. The opportunity to watch and learn the art of pitching from the best in the business was priceless and we found Piotr Bucki’s speech on the topic especially informative and insightful. Quoting our Wolf Pack friends – one great Son of a Pitch indeed! 😉

Networking sign - don't get eaten!

Having  comparison to similar events abroad we attended, we were happy to see that networking in Poland is developing and improving and people are getting more open to contact and initiatives. During the conference, we had the possibility to connect with investors, VCs and business angels.  The idea of Speed Dates – short, private meetings with people in the business, is a fun alternative to the more traditional social exchange of ideas.

In-between networking events, we had the possibility to attend interesting lectures, seminars and workshops to brush up our knowledge on new trends and best practices in running a successful business. Michał Kramarz – Head of Startups, Export & Entrepreneurship Development at Google, gave an excellent speech on the global markets and Barbara Piasek – one of the Wolves Founders herself, shed lots of light on achieving strong sales results.

So, all in all – we find our Wolves Summit hunt for knowledge and inspiration really fruitful this year and we’ll be happy to join the pack for another joint adventure should the Wolves howl again!

More on the Conference here: https://www.wolvessummit.com/


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