Get crackin’, start trackin’!

Get crackin, start trackin

New to Timble? No worries – we’re here to help! Here’s a short guide on how to get started with Timble, and make your first days of tracking easier, and more enjoyable. Put your productivity hat on, and let’s go. We’ll take you from A to … Beta. Timble Beta.

Sign u1463755774_Paper-Planep! 

First things first – to enjoy tracking with Timble, you need to sign up for Beta on our website (click!). Once you sign up, we’ll send you back an invitation e-mail, with a link to create your personal Timble account.


Once you get our invitation email, click on the link provided and a new window will open.

Register step 1

As you are a new user, click on Register New Account button. Next, you’ll be asked to type in your email address, and create your own password – just as shown below.

Register new account

Log in

Once you have created your Timble account, click on the link from the invitation mail again. When a window opens – log in with your account details.

Log in step1

Logged in already? 🙂 What you see now is Timble’s web app for project managers. Go ahead, look around. It’s pretty empty there at the moment, but once you start working in Timble with your team – it will fill up with graphs, statistics and real-time overview of team members’ tasks.

Timble PM App View

To create, manage and track time on your tasks, you need to download Timble’s desktop app. Click DOWNLOAD on the top bar in the web app view.

Choose the operating system you’re using, and download Timble desktop app.

Download view

You can also find Timble mobile apps for iOS and Android, so you can keep tracking on the go!

Download will start automatically. After download is complete, click on the TimbleSetup icon to install the app on your computer. Next, click on the Timble icon, log into the app using your account details, and let the time tracking fun begin!

Say hello to Timble’s Start Screen.

Timble Desktop Start

On the left side you’ll see some demo tasks to help you get familiar with Timble and all its features.

You can synchronize Timble with your favorite project management platforms, or use it as a standalone tool just as well.

To add a new connector – click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the Start Screen View, and go to Integrations.
Timble menuIntegrations Menu







Choose the platform you would like to synchronize Timble with, click on the correct button, and follow the instructions.

To add tasks in Timble alone – just click on the blue plus sign button.

new task

Or go to the main menu to Create a project.
create a project

Once you synchronize or create your tasks and projects – you can get crackin’, and start trackin’!

Enjoy using Timble, and stay tuned for more news on Timble features and updates.


If you have some ideas on how we could improve our software – please, let us know. We’re always curious of your feedback and impressions.



PR & Marketing Specialist at Timble, cookie monster and currently on a mission to make the world a more productive place.

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