Holy moly, it’s Monday!


I know many of you think that Mondays should be optional and it seems like there is never enough coffee for this special day of the week. Not that I don’t know the story… but in Timble, things are a little bit different.

We love Mondays!

Yup, you read that right L-O-V-E. When I started working at Timble I wasn’t ready for this. My relationship with Monday was also getting serious pretty fast. It scared the hell out of me at first, but now the feeling is mutual and I predict we’re going to stick to the “and they lived happily ever after” scenario.

How I see Mondays now? Monday is a fresh start. A chance to set a new tone for the rest of the week and a great day to be alive!

Monday is a fresh start. It give you a chance to set a new tone fo the rest of the week. Click To Tweet

Relationship goals

When it comes to creating bonds with our dear Monday, there are a few minor improvements that actually work.

  1. Solve it with Friday – one of the reasons why I’m not afraid of Mondays is the fact that I spend some time on Friday to make sure that there are no unnecessary issues to haunt me after the weekend. Don’t leave what you hate for Mondays.
  2. Plan ahead – if you spend 10 minutes on Sunday, planning, your week will start with a great vibe. You will clearly see the aim in front of your eyes. This makes the devil not as black as it is painted.
  3. Challenge – if you’re doing the same thing over and over, you may find you’ve settled into a routine where you’re bored out of your mind. So check to see if you’re being challenged enough. And if not – give yourself one or tell your boss you’re open to new assignments.
  4. Take care of yourself – Don’t try to keep the weekend going. That is, go to bed early on Sunday night and make sure you prepare yourself for the week ahead. You don’t want to start it by feeling drowsy. You should also get your exercise. Exercise will naturally boost your mood and has the added benefit of helping you stay focused.
  5. Bring the fun with you – Surprise your colleagues with a freshly baked pie. Honestly – we do this very often in Timble. You don’t even know how easy it is to make people happy with a simple mixture of flour, sugar, and chocolate unless you try bringing some homemade goodies. Having happy people around you is the most powerful motivation to enjoy going to the office.
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Gadgets & Stuff

Using Timble helps me do most of these – easier. I think about my projects on Sunday, on Monday I add them to Trello or directly to Timble. I always try to stay on track, so clicking the play button is my priority. Thankfully I have Timble’s mini window always on the top. And even if I forget about it I can always add the time later. My project manager has an overview of the team’s work so I never have too many tasks. As a result, Timble helps me to do my job and not to hate Mondays, by simply organizing things and putting everything just where I need it. And that’s more less – the whole secret.


Marketing/Growth Hacking Assistant at Timble, Italian cuisine and bike rides lover. Trying to figure out all the ways to make managing work a piece of cake.

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  1. Martha says:

    Mondays can be hard, but after this post I consider trying to like them again.

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