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Time tracking has never been easier. In terms of making your everyday work a breeze, Timble can help with a lot of useful and handy features. For example, have you thumbled (or should I say: Timbled…? ;)) upon the Mini Window feature in our desktop app already?

Mini Window is a little blue bar, that pops up in the desktop app view.

Mini Window

If you haven’t seen it yet, you might need to enable the feature in the system tray, as shown in the screen below. Right click on Timble icon, and mark the “mini window” option to be able to use this feature on your computer.

Mini window Tray

Now – what does it actually do? It helps you track time on the task you’re working on, without the need to switch to Timble to press the “play” button.

Mini Window always stays on top of your desktop and opened programs. Just like it displayed when one of our programmers was working on his code. See? 🙂


Mini Window allows you to find and start tracking time on a task you’re currently working on without the need to switch back to Timble.

How to start tracking time using the Mini Window? It’s really simple.

  1. Click on the Mini Window.
  2. Type in task or project name.

Mini Window will show you items that fit the description you provided.

  1. Choose the task which you would like to start tracking, and press play.


That’s it. You’re tracking time, and it will all be saved in Timble. If you wish to pause – just use the Mini Window again to press pause.

Mini Window yellow

There’s one more handy button in the Mini Window – the square symbol with an arrow inside, in the bottom left corner of the bar.

Mini Window Blue

When you click on it, Timble will open automatically, so you don’t have to look for it in the 99+ open windows or browser bars. It takes you to the full version of the app in seconds, so you can access, edit or create new tasks and projects.

And using the pin button, you can make sure Mini Window always stays where you need it to be, ready to assist you at work. With everything close at hand, you save time and can focus on your tasks. Productivity maximized!

Watch the Mini Window in action below.

Happy tracking. 🙂


PR & Marketing Specialist at Timble, cookie monster and currently on a mission to make the world a more productive place.

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  1. Ela says:

    Looks good!

    • Agata Solnica says:

      Thanks Ela! 🙂 Try using the Mini Window yourself and let us know what you think!

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