Most important thing to start work right


And as much as I love it – I don’t mean coffee. I’m talking about breakfast of all the productivity habits in existence, and that is – planning.

When it comes to work performance, it’s just like Alexander Graham Bell once said: “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Good old calendars, to-do lists, or post-it notes – all do the job well, and have been our loyal, everyday office companions for years.

So when our team set on a journey of creating the ultimate time tracking and project management tool, PLAN feature was an absolute must. And that’s how Timeline came to life, together with a set of helpful priority tags and labels.

Timeline - best place for planning

Every day, week or month take a few moments to schedule and prioritize your tasks for the upcoming time. Answer a few simple questions about your work:

  • What has to be done?
  • Are there any tasks in progress that need to be finished?
  • How important is each issue?
  • How much time is necessary to complete each task?
  • Who should do the job?

After you come up with a plan in your head – make sure you write it down. It will help you put everything in perspective and find focus. Knowing what’s ahead, how demanding or time-consuming it is – means you can prepare better, and as a result – achieve more.

Get focus - filters for better planning.

In Timble – planning is as easy as ever. First, mark all your tasks with suitable tags and labels, and use the Timeline to include them in your daily schedule. Just drag and drop desired tasks into the right place, and focus on your job. The app will remind you automatically when it’s time to start working on scheduled issues (you can read more about the Timeline in our recent post).

Remember, that flexibility is important too. Stay proactive and react to what’s going on. Don’t be afraid to change your plans, reschedule and verify priorities.  Emergencies happen, and your carefully thought out plans might fall through sometimes. However, planning helps you keep such unpleasant surprises to a minimum, and act better  if they eventually appear.

So just keep calm and plan – productivity will follow! 😉


PR & Marketing Specialist at Timble, cookie monster and currently on a mission to make the world a more productive place.

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