The Frankenstein Project

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We know that managing projects can be tricky. Unfortunately not in a Halloween ‘trick or treat’ way. There are some horrible projects out there lurking from in the darkest corners. The scariest thing about them is that these projects contain way too many tasks to complete and inability to focus due to a multitude of distractions like switching between windows. They are also characterized by the lack of priorities and order, as well as evaluation issues. But with Timble you can successfully scare all those project nightmares away.

Now, let us tell you a short story of one spooky project.

It’s alive! It’s alive! It’s alive! The triumph of science over God ! And the time has come for me to take command of it.

That was the night when  Dr. Frankenstein brought his project into life and the whole team was terrified. Deadlines were near and priorities were high and the order was – none.  How is he going to handle it? Is he mad?!

So the week began and everything seemed to be just as usual. People from the upcoming week of horrors team were gathering in the kitchen and praying to coffee Gods to give them power for the whole day. They knew that this kind of magic always comes at a price, but still, they prayed every single day.

It was still an early morning when Dr. Frankenstein convoked a meeting. He asked each and every single person to come to his office at the very end of the corridor. The journey was long. The corridor was dark. But they all happily made it. Dr. Frankenstein was as mysterious as always. He was waiting for the team to calm down. After a moment of silence, he started:

–    We’ve gathered here today for a reason. I know that many of you think I am  crazy, or even mad. But what I have here in my hands – he showed everyone his laptop – is what we’ve all been looking for the whole time. The ultimate weapon to kill procrastination and win with time. Long live the productivity!

They didn’t understand what he could possibly mean. Did he invent the time  machine? But that’s impossible!

And then he showed them Timble. A magical app hidden behind the magnificent blue timer icon. When he opened it their jaws dropped. One button was able to track time on everything. What’s more, Timble had a fairy-tale-like ability to make all the tasks from Jira and Trello magically appear in its main dashboard. And they were all easily manageable and editable!

What kind of dark force is that? – they wondered. And then, out of nowhere, the worst thing happened. New tasks started to appear and kept appearing and appearing. People started screaming and throwing coffee on the walls.

–    You shall not fear the task – said, Dr. Frankenstein. – We have Timble now and no deadline will haunt your dreams ever again

In disbelief – they tried. And once they gave it a try, their life has never been the same. The team started with critical tasks at first, and because all to-dos were in one place they were able to focus their minds. As a result, all the work disappeared like a fog on a windy day. It wasn’t even Friday when they were done with everything. So they celebrated with cake and went home. Timble is no fantasy. Gone are the days  of deadline nightmares and ghostly tasks!

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