Work tracking is the new black

Work tracking

Last week, Asana announced raising $50M, and thus completing the Series C round with overall valuation at $ 600 million. Congratulations are definitely in order, but this is also great news for other contributors to the world of productivity tools – just like us.

In Timble, we know all the aches and pains of project management, or the challenges of modern teamwork like the back of our hands.  Information scattered across various platforms, waterfall of notifications and e-mails, lack of clarity and eventually – time and funds. Projects get out of control, creating desperate cravings for tools to harness the chaos.

So we couldn’t agree more with the TechCrunch news piece stating the rise of productivity apps.

Document and messaging tools are no longer sufficient to provide the necessary clarity and understanding among team members. As Asana points out, this has recently led to emerging of a new pillar to the work collaboration platforms – work tracking tools.


Source: Asana

The new pillar is briefly described as “Managing who’s responsible for what, by when” – and that’s exactly what Timble can help teams with as well.

Timble integrates with popular project management, or put in new terms – work tracking, platforms, like JIRA or Trello. With features of time tracking and estimating, task management, real-time project overview or reporting – it is supports teams in their strive for greatness. Hassle free project managements translates into increased productivity, or put simply – more work done.

So we’re more than happy to see the new pillar of collaboration tools gain recognition. Work and progress tracking tools seem to be the new black. Put them in your work closet, and you’ll be looking productive in no time.


PR & Marketing Specialist at Timble, cookie monster and currently on a mission to make the world a more productive place.

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