The freedom of speech is definitely respected in Timble and used to help you with getting all your work done. So… Tell me what you want, what you really, really want. It’s so easy, I’ll show you!

By typing in some comments you can store all the alterations and changes that have to be done. You can also post opinions on your colleagues or employees assignments. That makes the work… flow! Everything will be in one place, just like we all love it.

Watch the video:


In Timble, if you want to add comments to the task you just choose the assignment on the list.


Timble task sections

Timble task sections

Then you click on the comments section between Attachments and Worklogs.

… and type

At the bottom right corner, you have now an ‘add comment’ button.

Add comment button in Timble

Add Comment button in Timble

Use it and type your thoughts in the provided space on the left.

Productivity toll

Type in your thoughts to get yourself a productive day.

Save it for the future or nothing happened

Lastly, you save it and we’re done 🙂

edit delete

If you need you can also edit and delete your messages afterwards. Your wish is our command!


Do you think adding comments in Timble is easy? Do you have any suggestions for other features that could be useful? Let us know!


Marketing/Growth Hacking Assistant at Timble, Italian cuisine and bike rides lover. Trying to figure out all the ways to make managing work a piece of cake.

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  1. I like looking at your website. Thank you!

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