Timble Features: ADD TIME

Add time

The forget-me-not of time tracking, and a great news for all! It has never been easier to add a time log to a task. Sometimes things pop up in the middle of our actions, and we literally lose track of time. No need to cry over spilled milk, here comes the answer to all your prayers.

Say hello to ADD TIME

This amazing feature can be found after clicking on any task. It’s situated at the very top of your task window, close to the play button.


How does it work?

You can put it to use in a glimpse of an eye. Simply click on it. Now choose from the list that will appear. You can also type the amount of time yourself at the bottom of the list. Easy, right?!


Timble will automatically add time to your task (you can see it at the top right corner of the task box), and the time log added will also appear on the timeline at the bottom.


Yes, time tracking became even smarter!  Add Time button will always be there for you. Anytime you need it – just click.

You can also watch the video and see Add time feature in action!


Enjoy using Timble’s new feature and give us some feedback. Penny for your thoughts!


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