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We often have multiple projects to take care of. And it was never simple to manage all of them. That’s the reason why we emphasized the importance of filters In Timble. So now it finally is easy. They’re like a magic wand that lets you see only the things that you want or find your one and only… task. Without further ado, I present you – Timble filters! They wait for you under the small but very nice icon of the funnel which is placed next to the search bar on the left. If you want to know what exactly they do keep reading!

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It’s me or him

In this case, if you choose you don’t lose. Just the other way round. We understand that sometimes you want to see only your own, precious task and forget about others. Or else, you may also want to see only the open issues and forget about the past. We have it all. Welcome to our world of wonders 🙂

What’s your type?

First of all, you can search and categorize your tasks by their type. You can choose to see all the types, some or none. If you have a bug fixing kind of day you can also pick the bug button and see all the bugs that are waiting to be crushed. The same relates to all the other types: improvement, new feature, story, sub-task and task.

What a blocker!

Oh yes. The priorities. They say good things happen when you get your priorities straight. And we totally agree. That’s why you can search or choose tasks with the priority of your choice. For example, it’s highly advised to take first things first so looking for the blockers, critical or major ones instead of those which are minor or trivial. May your actions express your priorities!

What is the name of the game?

Projects, projects. So many names so little time. But in Timble you can easily juggle them by clicking or typing in the desired project or projects. It allows you to see all the tasks from the chosen ones and gives you the real image of your work.

tasks filter

It’s complicated

When it comes to statuses it’s very important both for the project manager and the developer to see what is the status of a certain task. It may be waiting, to do, or closed, delegated and many, many others, but the important thing is the ability to choose what’s important for you at the moment. And that’s what we give to you. Not more, not less.

What is he doing?

Both in the situation when you need a person for some kind of job and in the one that you just want to check who is doing what to know who to ask for the information on a particular project – it’s here. Every person – assignees and reporters listed and waiting for you to pick them. Obviously, you can also take a shortcut and type in their names.

Sort of

All sorts of things in one place. It may be a chaos but not in Timble’s world. Here where the grass is greener and the birds are singing we allow you to sort everything by the symbol, name, project, priority and date of creation and update. Success is a matter of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.


Marketing/Growth Hacking Assistant at Timble, Italian cuisine and bike rides lover. Trying to figure out all the ways to make managing work a piece of cake.

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