Timesheets feature 72 ppi

Remember those long hours spent logging working hours, filing out timesheets and spreadsheets? No? Well, no need to be sentimental anyways, since if you’re using Timble – all that tedious work is done for you.

Whether you created your tasks in Timble, Trello or JIRA, Timesheets will clearly present all your work hours tracked in the app. The data may help you analyze and draw conclusions from the recent workload, or you can use it as a base for payment settlements with management or clients.

How does it work? Let’s take a closer look on this soon-to-be-your-favorite new tab! 😉

To view Timesheets, go to app.timble.us in a browser, and log in using your personal Timble account details.

When the website opens, click on Timesheets tab in the top bar menu.

Team and project view

You can display tracked working hours in two views: TEAM and PROJECT.

Team View

Presents all hours tracked by each team member in a chosen month. To see the projects each person was working on exactly, just click on the person’s name, and projects will be listed below.

timesheets-viewprojects (2)

Timesheets – Team View

Would you like to know how much time you, or your team, spent developing that super cool app you’re creating? Just click on the “Projects” field, and find the one you’re looking for in a dropdown list.

Project View

Presents all hours tracked in a chosen project.

In the chosen pojects, it’s also possible to reveal all the issues and specific tasks a person has been working on. Click on the person’s name, and detailed information about the issues tracked will be listed below.


Timesheets – Project View

Time Span

By default, Timesheets present an overview of the current month. However, if you feel like taking a short trip down work memory lane, set custom dates by checking a box above the table. Then, specify time you would like to review. To keep Timesheets transparent and informative, it is possible to view a maximum of 31 days in one table at once.

dates off-01 dates on-01

Data Export

Last but not least, you can also export all the time tracking data into a CSV or XLS file. Click on the correct button in the top right corner, and download will start automatically.


Nice, huh? Timesheets reinvented. Check it out yourself!


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