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Commands are here

Gone are the days of tedious typing and describing tasks. We have commands, and we’re not afraid to use them – introducing our secret weapon to fight time tracking nightmares. Universal Input Field makes it possible to create new tasks, and add time logs to the existing ones in just a few seconds – all right from the desktop app start screen.

Universal Input Field is easy to find. It’s located right above the Welcome Box in the dashboard view, marked by the words “type here to quickly add task”.

Universal Input

It’s all natural

Typing – whether lines of code of commands, developers’ second nature. To make the most of this habit, we made it possible to create issues in Timble in the most natural way possible. Universal Input enables users’ to create new issues simply – by typing. It’s comfortable and intuitive, exactly what the programmers are used to in their everyday work.

Universal Input long

Create issue 

To create a new issue – simply start typing its description. If you need more assistance in the process, Timble offers you a few helpful hints and symbols to use as commands. They are displayed right below the typing space.

Here’s an overview of the available short commands:

[ ] – square bracket – use to define the name of the project

@ – “at” symbol – use to assign the issue to a specific team member

# – hash – use to define task type (eg. bug, new feature)

! – exclamation mark – use to define task priority (eg. major, important, critical)

Once you begin typing, Timble will search the existing data and suggest all possibile options for each category. So, for example, once you open the square bracket – Timble will display all the previously added projects, hinting at choices.

When you finish typing your command, hit ENTER. The issue will save autimatically, and appear on the task list on the left side of the dashboard.

Add time 

Another handy use of the Universal Input field is to add time logs to specific tasks. To do so, use the /addtime modifier, or use a shortcut and type “/a”. Next, use the right commands to add time to a chosen issue. Just like when creating a new issue, the add time symbols and explanatons will display once you begin typing.

Universal Input addtime

In the add time option, available commands are as follows:

DEMO-1 – define the task you would like to add time log to

2h 22m – type how long you’ve been working on the task, in hh mm format

@ – define start time, type when you began working on the task, in hh mm format

Pressing ENTER will automatically save the timelog for a specified task.

Adding issues and time logs to tasks couldn’t be easier!

Watch the video to see the Universal Input field in action.

Use the Universal Input field, and enjoy time tracking, smarter. 

Are there any other commands you would like to see in the Universal Input field? Let us know! 🙂


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  1. Leonard says:

    Nice feature! Like in YouTrack (https://www.jetbrains.com/youtrack/) Timble looks great I have to try the beta!

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