Timble Features: Welcome Bar


Bad day? Lack of inspiration or motivation? Not anymore!

While using Timble you can count for a productivity kick from our welcome bar every single day.  Not only it will help you to finally start working, but also make you laugh, happy or give you the inspiration to do more and go further. It’s just so cute that you want to use Timble also at home! Because our aim is to make your life easier, more productive and more pleasant.

The welcome bar is always there, at the top of your window. When you’re doing great – to give you compliments 2.eat productivity

Seriously, did you?

And when you need a strong statement to make sure that your world order is correct3.in coff-01

We definitely do! What about you?

This is only the beginning! If you want to see all of them, download Timble (if you haven’t done it already) and check out this feature for yourself. Or if you don’t want to, don’t. After all…



Marketing/Growth Hacking Assistant at Timble, Italian cuisine and bike rides lover. Trying to figure out all the ways to make managing work a piece of cake.

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