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It doesn’t matter what size your project is – big or small. The right project management software always helps you work more efficiently. However, sometimes it’s not only about the tool but about the way you use it. You might be using it in a good way, but let’s change good – to awesome! How to make the most of your instruments?

To begin with, a few facts about projects and tools:

Point of departure

Sometimes projects start as simple lists in Excel. But when they grow you start using project management tools like Jira or Trello. In Timble there is a possibility to synchronize tasks from both softwares and enjoy a clear workflow overview. The first synchronization takes from a few seconds to a few minutes. Later you can add new tasks to the synchronized a project and they will automatically appear in Timble. And if you already have synchronized project in Timble, after adding new assignments they will be sent  into Jira or Trello in less than a second.

Having it all synchronized you’ll always know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, which provides a sense of purpose. Purpose increases engagement. And engagement increases performance.

Tracking time naturally forces you to prioritize tasks. That keeps procrastination to the minimum. You’ll also know when it’s time to delegate. And finally, If you know how you should be allocating your time, you’ll simply increase productivity.

Timble Jira Trello

If you already have a project in Jira or Trello, look out for the full guide on that topic. It’s coming soon to our blog!

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One stream, two streams

Beside the mainstream of your work assignments, there are often side projects that need to be put in order as well. Timble is just perfect for that. Moreover, if you’re making, for example, an app, maybe it’s worth to toy with the idea of dividing work into smaller projects? For example app, materials, video. These can be three separate projects, with individual tasks. Acting this way gives a clear overview of the work. The number of tasks is minimized and tasks themselves are relocated so it’s easier to notice priorities and filter them, as well as to see how much time you devoted to a certain matter or phase.

To add a new project in Timble, enter the main menu on the left

Timble Jira Trello

and click create a project with a plus symbol next to it.

Timble Jira Trello

Then name a project and give it a symbol.

Timble Jira Trello Timble Jira Trello

The symbol is  very important because it shows with every task that we add to the project.

There is no big philosophy in this, but there are two things worth keeping in mind.  If you create a project like this all the team members will see it and will be able to add new tasks themselves. Also, a project that was created first in Timble cannot be synchronized with Jira or Trello, at least not yet, but we are working on it!

Timble’s main focus at the beginning was supporting projects that people already had in their favorite project management tools. We just wanted to take it all to one place and save companies from going off the track. Now, people often start projects in Timble and because it makes their work so much easier. When their projects grow and they feel the need to have them in Jira or Trello as well. We are modifying our system to make it possible, your needs are always our number one priority! 🙂

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Make sure,  when you use a project management app it helps to improve your overall work efficiency and workflow as much as it’s possible.  You don’t want to leave half of the potential of your work lost in the woods. Time flies especially when you try to manage it. But you are the pilot and it’s up to how you use the steering wheel.


If you are a Project Manager and would like to add to this list, feel free to include your suggestions below. Or, if you are just having trouble with projects and would like advice or help, post your question or dilemma in the comments.



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