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Time tracking – words dreaded by employees the world over. However, it can be faster, cheaper and as effective as never before. All thanks to Timble – a new and revolutionary app to perfectly manage your working schedule.

ICT sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. More technology advancements equals more IT professionals working day and night on those technological dreams to come true. Heavy workload alert! Vast majority of IT teams use multiple tools for project management and as a result – get flooded with notifications from many sources, not to mention the need to keep track of all of them at once.

And here’s a (not-so)fun fact – do you know that even 15% of all working time is lost on reporting and work organization? Well, we know – that’s why we created Timble. A simple app which helps you focus on the important stuff. It really works!

Timble - time tracking, plan and report

The app is intuitive and user-friendly. Timble integrates with project management platforms and after a one-time authentication automatically synchronizes all tasks and projects – both ways! You can plan and manage your work schedule by dragging and dropping tasks onto a timeline. Even if you have thousands of open issues, using custom filters you can easily narrow their range to stay focused on the ones currently most important. And all that is just one press-of-a-button away. Timble truly is a time tracking app to boost your productivity! 

Sounds too good to be true? Ok, let’s talk facts – what makes us special? How do we differentiate form other players on the market? Except from all the above mentioned advantages, we can also list:

  • Integration with multiple project management tools
  • Simultaneous tracking on desktop and mobile
  • Providing visual feedback on estimated vs real time spent on tasks and projects.

Timble also has a great potential of winning the hearts of all company owners. It allows employers to assess how much time the worker is actually spending at the desk, and a result enables better project management and task allocation.

What’s also important – introducing Timble to the company doesn’t entail for the employees any changes to their already existing habits and routines. After synchronizing with Timble, they can still work on their favourite platforms, with unnoticeably Timble tracking their work in the background.

Timble - 4 features

So, who’s behind this time-tracking novelty? Inwedo – a company well-known for its innovative approach. The company headquarters as well as the team are both based in Poland – homeland to many world famous IT professionals. The team working on Timble consists of 6 people working full time,  backed up by a successful software house with 7 years of experience on the market. European precision paired with experience of the skilled team resulted in creating a product that can help revolutionize project management.

Timble for developers, project managers and freelancers

Although Timble has been especially designed and created for American market – with a majority of leading IT companies, the app is already being used in Europe – so far, 120 users have tracked more than 65.000 hours of work. Those are IT Teams or tech consultancy companies from Sweden, Denmark and Poland. They moved from their in house solutions and Timble has become their only time-tracking and reporting tool.

So join us today! With Timble, your success might be just one button press away.


PR & Marketing Specialist at Timble, cookie monster and currently on a mission to make the world a more productive place.

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