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Project Management Dashboard

Whether you’re working on a revolutionary new app, or just trying to build a reliable office CMS (Cookie Management System, of course) – managing a project always requires lots of time and attention. In Timble, we know project managers biggest aches and pains. And since in our software house we fix bugs on a daily basis, we knew exactly what to do to help.


Timble Web App was designed especially for Project managers as a support system to all their daily tasks. So it’s like a control center – colorful, flashy buttons and switches included,  to ensure everything is going according to plan. Web Dashboard provides a full overview of all the projects and teams – in real time, as well as enables to keep an eye on deadlines and budget thanks to automatically generated Timesheets.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look.

To access Timble Web App, go to app.timble.us in your browser, and log in using your Timble account.

App login

Once you click the Login button, you will see our brand new Dashboard in all its glory. You can also just look at the screen below, and continue reading this article.

Dashboard Small

Ta da! Isn’t it pretty? So, what do we have here exactly? Let’s take a look one by one.

On the very top of the Dashboard, there is an overview of hours tracked altogether by the logged in user. The data is shown for the previous 30 days, so right in the main screen you get a month worth of worklog information. Details of all the hours tracked will follow, but if an overall amount is what you’re looking for – it’s the go to feature. The data is presented in a  clear graph, so one glimpse of an eye is enough to know if you’re logging enough hours.

Dashboard Small

Hours View

Right below the Hours, there is an overview of the projects. By default, once you log into the app, Timble displays only your projects.  If you would like to display all the projects, just switch the view mode in the right corner, just above the project boxes.

Projects Switch

Each box is dedicated to a separate project, and displays all the basics on the name, symbol, tasks not started, late, in progress or completed, as well as hours planned and already tracked. Different colors mark task statuses, and the information is also presented graphically. The centre of a wheel chart contains the most important feedback you need on your projects, and that is how many tasks exactly are there still left to do.

Dashboard All

Projects Overview

Project Details
To access detailed info about any project, click on a chosen box. This is what it looks like.

Project Details Dashboard

Project Details

Team members working on a chosen project are listed right next to the project chart, together with information about their tasks. All the data is presented graphically, so it’s really easy to see who’s got too much, or too little work, and react accordingly.

Below the project task and status overview, there are two hour graphs. The first one present hours tracked in the chosen project by the whole team. The second one displays the hours tracked only by you. It allows you to compare how much time, in comparison to the rest of the crew, your actually devoting to the project.

Project Details Dashboard

Hours tracked in a project

Project progress by status is a graph which is extremely valuable to every project manager. It presents how the project has been changing in the last month. You can see how many tasks were created, in progress, completed or late in the last 30 days. Each status is marked by a different color, so just by looking at the graph – it’s really easy to work out if the project is headed in the right direction.

Project progress by Status

Project Progress

At the bottom of the project details page, there’s also a detailed Timesheet. It shows all the hours tracked by each team member on the project. Clicking on a cell will list all worklogs tracked. It’s also possible to see the issues each team member has been working on – simply click on the person’s name, and it will show in a dropdown box.

We’ll talk more of Timesheets a bit later, so let’s go back to the main Dashboard view for a little while.

Team Activity
Have you ever wished you had the Big Brother powers when supervising your projects? We thought you would. So here’s an answer to all your project management dreams – real time overview of all team members, and their tasks.

Quick look, and you know who’s working, or who’s taking a break, and what issues are currently being tracked. Fun!

Team Activity

Team Activity Overview

But there’s more! You can also when you click on a chosen team member’s name, Timble will show you all the details on their work. Below, you can see an example overview of single employee’s work.


Team Activity – Single team member view

From the top, you can see all hours tracked in the last 30 days, or what the person is working on in real time. Below, there are timelines with information on all the issues logged in the last 7 days. When you hover over any of the worklogs – Timble will show you when the task was tracked exactly. The number at the end of a timeline sums up all hours tracked in a day.

Timelines Details

By default, the issues are displayed on the Timelines by type. If you would like to see on what projects exactly the person has been working on in the last week – just click on the switch in the top right corner.


Timelines View – Switch Types vs Projects

One you change view, issues on the Timelines will get new colors – one for each of the projects a person has been working on.

Timeline Details Projects

Personal Timelines – Project View

Below the Timelines, you can also see all the projects the person is involved in, together with information about all their tasks and statuses.


Personal Details – Projects

Once you know all this, it’s time to look at some numbers!


Whether you created your tasks in Timble, Trello or JIRA, Timesheets will clearly present all your work hours tracked in the app. The data may help you analyze and draw conclusions from the recent workload, or you can use it as a base for payment settlements with management or clients.

You can display tracked working hours in two views: TEAM and PROJECT.

Team View
Presents all hours tracked by each team member in a chosen month. You can also see the projects each person was working on exactly. Just click on the person’s name, and projects will be listed below.


Team View

Would you like to know how much time you, or your team, spent developing that super cool app you’re creating? Just click on the “Projects” field, and find the one you’re looking for in a dropdown list.

Timesheets Personal Projects

Dropdown list of projects

Project View
Presents all hours tracked in a chosen project.

Timesheets Project View
In the chosen projects, it’s also possible to reveal all the issues and specific tasks a person has been working on. Click on the person’s name to list detailed information about the issues tracked.

Time Span
By default, Timesheets present an overview of the current month. However, if you feel like taking a short trip down work memory lane, set custom dates by checking a box above the table. Then, specify time you would like to review. To keep Timesheets transparent and informative, it is possible to view a maximum of 31 days in one table at once.

dates off-01

dates on-01

Data Export
Last but not least, you can also export all the time tracking data into a Report, CSV or XLS file. Click on the correct button in the top right corner, and download will start automatically.

Timesheets Export

The Report is a full export option which allows you to download all the collected data in a raw form. You can use all the details and numbers in our own way, or integrate it with another reporting system.


The more, the merrier right? Timble Web App allows project managers to manage their teams, and invite new people to join chosen projects.

First, decide which projects you would like to synchronize with the Web App.

Manage Team Projects

Manage Team – Projects

Then, invite people to join the team.

Manage Team Users

Manage Team – Users

In the connectors tab, you can synchronize your projects and data from other platform, like JIRA or Trello, with one click.

Manage team Conncectors

Manage Team – Connectors

So many great features in one Web App! Which one do you think is most useful?

Try it out and let us know!


PR & Marketing Specialist at Timble, cookie monster and currently on a mission to make the world a more productive place.

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